Dance & Yoga Retreat

Fluid Body, Focused Mind

This is an intimate dance & yoga retreat on the beautiful Island of Koh Phangan, Thailand. Together we will explore gateways to self-discovery, emotional clarity, rest and renewal, empowerment and manifestation. We will combine guided movement, meditation and mindful techniques and life coaching with yoga and dance to open the potential of the body and mind.


Get to your roots through dance, yoga and coaching. Our retreat Fluid Body Focused Mind concentrates on movement through which we achieve a calmness of our mind. Focusing on what is really important for you through different coaching techniques and yoga will put you in touch with your strength and stamina. Dancing for the body and heart, yoga for the strength and endurance, coaching to understand your patterns and manifesting your dreams. We will explore the self and develop our awareness through dance mediums of Contact Improvisation, Water dance, Authentic Movement.

Beginning every morning with Flow Yoga and mediation to awaken the body and awaken the mind.

Followed by morning and afternoon workshops of dance and life coaching. We find the balance between movement, rest and cognitive work on self development.

Intentions, Self Love, Manifestiations; dance dance dance

Each day we will contemplate a step of self development. We start with Visions and Intentions – why we are here, and how we wish to grow from this experience. Then we will focus on Self Love – the key to loving life and others is first to love ourselves. Coaching techniques for recognizing ourselves, the qualities and gifts we have to share with the world. Next step is Fluidity, here we focus on letting go emotional energy that no longer serves us and yielding into the flow of life. The following day is an opportunity to experience more of this wonderful Island; visit the nature, rest and reflect. Finally step is Manifestations – What we bring into this world. Coaching techniques for recognizing our truth, what, where, how we would like to step into our future and tools for manifesting these visions.

Join us to discover insights into how we relate to others and articulate in our environment, how to flow in life’s river, and embrace each moment with bright conviction.


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