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Dolores and Zuzanna first met on the dance floor in Arambol, India. They quickly found inspiration from each others passion for Contact Improvisation and began co-creating dance and holistic events. This year they organised the first Thailand Contact and Ecstatic Arts Festival on Koh Phangan, Thailand. They were incredibly received, with over 80 people participating in the celebration. Falling in love with the Island, they dreamed to create a retreat environment to share close to their heart, what has transformed their lives. Fluid Body, Focused Mind is the manifestation of this dream…



Dance & Yoga Retreat Facilitator Dolores

WaterDanceandSomaticMovementTeacherDoloresDewhurstMarks, left London in 2014 to follow her passion for Contact Improvisation. Living in the dance, she travels sharing workshops of Contact Improvisation, both on land and in water, while also organising dance festivals internationally. She continues to research at the School for Body Mind Centering, while developing Water Dance.  


Dance & Yoga Retreat Facilitator Zuzanna

LifCoach and YogTeacheZuzannBukowski combines her time travelling the world sharing her love for dance and teaching yoga with her profession as a communication trainer and life coach; bridging body movement and cognitive mind in the entrepreneurial industry in Berlin. As a Professional Certified Integral Coach, Certified Practitioner of NLP (neuro linguistic programming), and NVC follower Zuzanna coaches clients to become more dynamic, honest and effective communicators, developing their ability to listen to their own needs and reaching their desired goals.

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Dolores and Zuzanna organize the Thailand Contact & Ecstatic Arts Festival. The retreat is part of a whole dance journey that was initiated by the festival and includes many workshops by international teacher throughout the season. For details check out thailandcontactfestival.com.

The inspiration for a journey came from the Goa Contact Festival. They both support also the journey in India and travel with a group of dancers each year to Thailand to continue dancing and teaching in a different paradise.